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Who is RauFurniture.com?
Raymond J. Rau, former owner of Oscar Rau's of Frankenmuth sold his downtown 35,000 sq. ft. building in 2011 and conducted the final sale by liquidating all assets and inventory of a 66-year old, very successful family business. Since then Ray Rau has built a thriving Management Company throughout the United States. Ray's specialty is helping furniture retailers in either getting into business, staying in business, or getting out of business by retirement, or GOING OUT OF BUSINESS LIQUIDATION SALES. Ray has relationships with hundreds of manufacturers in the furniture business to supply these stores in order to accomplish their goals. The Ray Rau management team is over 75 people strong, and his team conducts business with 8 to 10 stores on average at a time with 25 to 30 clients annually. His business is headquartered in a 600 sq. ft. office in Frankenmuth with virtually none of the overhead of a retail store.

Ray Rau then began to focus on another segment of his business... the Internet. Ray's vision: offer furniture at manufacture's cost plus 20% in the Great Lakes Bay region of Michigan, as well as throughout the United States.


Raufurniture.com eliminates all the high cost of retail: Large showrooms, warehouses, million dollar inventory, costly advertising, heat, light, insurance, sales people, delivery teams, and all the expensive costs to conduct a normal retail furniture business. YOU ARE THE WINNER. YOU SAVE BIG MONEY.


What is the reliability of RauFurniture.com and Ray Rau?
Ray Rau grew up in the furniture business in Frankenmuth, Michigan before attending and graduating with a BBA from Western Michigan University in 1967. Oscar Rau's was a very small business started in 1945. In 1972, Ray Rau purchased the business from his parents, Oscar & Evelyn Rau, and grew the business up to 10 furniture store locations in the State of Michigan with a very successful management team. Ray became very involved in the furniture industry by serving on the National Home Furniture Association Board of Directors; Chairman of the National Interior Design Society; and President of the Michigan Home Furnishings Association. He also served his local community as Chairman of the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce, President of the Frankenmuth Rotary Club; and a member of the Saginaw County Red Cross Board of Directors, and more. In 2011, Ray retired from the retail furniture business.


Do you have other furniture available that is not shown on your web site?
Yes! We have a tremendous list of suppliers we work with that are not represented on our web site. We cannot advertise the brands as the manufacturers do not allow this due to our aggressive pricing. However, if you are interested, please call or e-mail and we will try to fulfill your request. We purchase more furniture annually from suppliers throughout the United States than most Michigan retailers ever dream of. Our resources are vast. And the best part? We will still offer you a manufacturers' landed cost (manufacture's + freight) + 20%. The savings are incredible and all new furniture in manufactures cartons or wrappers !


How can you sell for so much less than other retail stores? 
Our goal is to provide the Frankenmuth area and Mid-Michigan consumers a great means to stretch their dollar so much further, and then tell their friends and neighbors about this new buying concept. Also, we have virtually NO OVERHEAD. Traditional brick & mortar businesses are saddled with large expenses & overhead. Our only expenses are: credit card fees of 3%, customer handling costs of 5%, insurance 1%, Internet marketing 1%; this adds up to 12%. Furniture store expenses add up to about 42% on the average. The customer pays for that 30% extra when purchasing at a traditional furniture store. This includes the large retailers who claim to be the largest furniture businesses in Michigan while running a storewide sale every week and every day.


Is it true that a furniture retail store makes typically 100% mark up on their furniture? 

YES it is true. This is a fact that is NOT willingly shared with the public.

A traditional retail furniture store marks up their furniture including freight three to four times. They call that retail, or "Compare At" price. Here is an example of how the model works:

Typical Retail Store Example:
Our example furniture item has a manufacture's cost plus freight of $1130.
The typical retailer will multiply this amount times three. The retail price of this item: $3,390
The store then "discounts" this furniture item 30% & places "on sale" with a "sale" price of $2,370

Here's How RauFurniture.com does it:
Same item with manufacture's cost including freight = $1,130

RauFurniture.com selling price = $1,356
Save EXTRA 3% if you pay with cash (- $ 40.70)
Your cash price = $1,315.30
When paying with cash your savings when compared to typical retail store is $1,054.70, when purchasing from Rau's ($2,370.00 minus $1,315.30 = $1,054.70)

It's very clear how much money you will save! The more you buy the more you save!


If I find a lower price will you match it?
YOU WILL NOT FIND A LOWER PRICE! I GUARANTEE IT. RauFurniture.com's systems and methods for selling are so very different from anyone else both online and in retail locations, that there is no way to create an "apples for apples" comparison. RauFurniture.com simply cannot be undersold..


Why is it that RauFurniture.com has no inventory?
When you place your order and make your payment we then immediately order what you want from our manufacturers and distributors who warehouse elsewhere and have the inventory in stock. We have it shipped in volume truckloads (to again reduce our freight costs for you) to obtain the lowest prices possible for you. Most furniture and mattresses shown are in stock with 2-week delivery to our local warehouse. You must pick up the furniture within 5 days from the time you are notified that we have your order in our warehouse. We can turn over our furniture 52 times a year. The normal furniture store buys a million dollars of inventory and turns it over 2.5 times a year. There is no floor planning (furniture loaned to the retailer until sold) in the furniture business. All purchases are payable to the retailer's vendors within 30 days. Inventory is VERY expensive for retailers. AGAIN, THE ELIMINATION OF THESE EXPENSES SAVES YOU BIG MONEY (70% TO 100%).



Why do I receive 3% discount for Cash?
We offer two options to purchase: 1). Credit/Debit Card from MasterCard or Visa; 2). Cash, cashier's check, OR PERSONAL CHECK. Credit card companies charge a retailer a processing fee of up to 5% of the purchase price. This is a business expense that you the customer pay it to the retailer in their mark up when purchasing, but is rarely disclosed to you as a customer. We offer this credit card processing service to you at 3% and realize that most people will still pay with credit card for convenience. For those customers who want to save every dollar they can, we give them our savings right back with a credit of 3% for cash, cashier's check, or personal check.


How do I pay by Cash and Where? 
If you are purchasing with cash, please call Cindy, 989.239.9761 at between 8AM to 6PM from Mondays to Sundays to work these terms. To expedite your order, we accept cashier's checks as cash and they are to be sent to RauFurniture.com at 306 W. Genesee St., Suite B, Frankenmuth, MI 48734. Immediately up receipt of your cashier's check, we will process your order. If you wish to pay electronically via a direct bank transfer again, please call Cindy at our office to confirm details.


Is it true that RauFurniture.com prices are offered as customer PICK UP? Where do I pick up my furniture? Is delivery available?

All pricing is based on Free Local Pick Up at one of our many pick up locations & pick up within 5 days after you are notified of the arrival of your new furniture. If furniture is not picked up within the 5-day period, there will be $7 charge (per piece) for each day it is not picked up. Items will not be released until the late fee is paid. We recommend that you bring straps to secure your furniture. You will be loading your own vehicle as we do not take on any liability of the furniture once it is picked up by you, anyone who you may hire or you have retained to help you.

Free Pick Up is available in the States of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. We have many local pick up locations in these States, however if we do not have pick up locations in your area, we will ask you to help to find a commercial business with loading dock capacity nearby you that can take a delivery and able to receive a 53 foot semi truck and willing to receive your furniture for you. Your furniture will be shipped to your facility and then you can arrange a pick up with them once it arrives. If there would be a nominal receiving fee, we can work that out with you. Also, we can deliver almost anywhere east of Mississippi and other States for an additional 5% service coast. Again, your new furniture will be shipped in factory cartons or wrappers.

If you desire home delivery we have an outside delivery services that is available in Michigan. You will be required to make your arrangement directly with them for delivery and payment for their services. Your furniture must be picked up within the 5-day period by the delivery service. Home Delivery is not furnished by RauFurniture.com. Home Delivery outside of Michigan: we again ask if you know of a local delivery service and we can have the furniture shipped to this company for you. Then you and the delivery service would work out the delivery to your home.



Is it true that all my furniture is new and in factory cartons?
Yes, everything is brand new in factory cartons or wrappers.


Is the furniture warrantied?
Yes, there are manufacturer warranties on most furniture and mattresses. RauFurniture.com DOES NOT warranty the furniture. It is the manufacturer that warrants the furniture, and with our low prices to you it will be your responsibility to work with the manufacturer if there are any warranty issues. All products purchased through RauFurniture.com are sold as New Furniture, and "AS IS" with No returns, No cancellations, No refunds. If there are any hardware or parts missing please let us know within 3 days and we will work with you to make sure that you receive your product the way it was represented in our pictures, and descriptions. Once you pick up your furniture, or have your delivery company pick it up, or have another party pick it up for you, you and they are fully responsible for this furniture. We will not accept any liability of this furniture once it is picked up by you or your representatives.


Do I have to pay sales tax?
Yes, for Michigan residents and businesses only, unless you have a sales tax license for the reselling of furniture products, or are tax-exempt such as a church, governmental agency, or firm that has a sales tax license, which qualifies for non-payment of Michigan sales tax, you must pay 6% Michigan sales tax on every purchase.


Do I have to pay sales tax outside the State of Michigan ?
We do not collect sales tax for sales that are shipped outside of the State of Michigan, however you are responsible for the use tax by your State, where the furniture would be delivered.


Can I have my furniture dropped shipped to another location in Michigan or even to another location outside of Michigan?
Yes. We can arrange a drop off of any furniture in other locations in the State of Michigan, lower-peninsula. Also, we can delivery almost anywhere east of the Mississippi. This would have to be worked out in advance before your purchasing. There will be a 5% additional charge for this service, but it can be done. It must be dropped off at a commercial location and not any residential locations, as your furniture will be delivered on a 53' semi truck. Again, all is NEW furniture and will be shipped in Factory Cartons or Wrappers.


Will my transaction be confidential?
Absolutely! We do not share, trade or sell our customers' information with third parties for promotional purposes. You can find RauFurniture.com's Privacy Policy by clicking here.


Do you only sell on the Internet?
Yes! RauFurniture.com has no brick and mortar stores, no showrooms, no utilities, no multi-million dollar inventory, no expensive inventory, no sales people, but we do have extremely low overhead in order to give you this fantastic offer of 20% over our manufacture's cost. What you see is what you get in factory boxes or wrappers.


How long will it take for my furniture to arrive?
Most of the furniture you see on this web site is warehoused in a 600,000 sq. ft warehouse stacked with racks 40' high. 90% of the product you see is in stock and we receive a truck every Thursday with your pick up immediately upon your notification of its arrival in our Frankenmuth warehouse. Some of the items are in manufacturers warehouses in North Carolina and other States and delivery can run as long as 8 weeks, but much of it will be within 4 weeks. When you place your order, we will send you an estimated time of delivery. If you have a question, feel free to send us an e-mail and we will answer it within 24 hours.



If I have a question how do I receive an answer?
You can send us an e-mail and we will respond within 24 hours to your question. If your question will take more detail we will give you a call within 24 hours. Thus, please always include your cell phone number for immediate attention to your request or questions. We are here to help you.


Can you send me fabric or wood samples?
The pictures shown are very true to the colors. Fortunately with today's digital cameras they provide excellent photography. With our cost structure, and the manufacturers' high costs for their thousands of fabric and wood samples, providing samples to you is not an option. With the furniture shown it is offered in one color as shown. The upholstery factories hire designers to help select the best fabric to match up with each frame and that is the fabric only offered with that frame. It creates tremendous economies and savings to bring the prices to the ultimate look and low price for you.


Do you offer financing? 
Yes, we offer 6 months same as cash to qualified buyers. If you desire, you can fill in the credit application, sign it and mail it into our company at 306 W. Genesee St., Suite B, Frankenmuth, MI 48734. We must have the original application with your signature. You are responsible for making copies of the application for our records. Upon approval you will be notified of your acceptance through our credit company. It takes us 24 hours for your answer. With a credit application we need 20% down with credit or debit card, approved credit, and then we place your order for you. Your price will be the same as credit or debit card pricing. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF CREDIT APPLICATION


Where is the furniture manufactured?
Almost 99% of our upholstered furniture and mattresses shown in this web site are manufactured in the United States. Most Wood furniture is manufactured in Asia, Vietman, China, Brazil or Mexico. All Archbold furniture is of solid wood and is 100% manufactured in America, and custom finished by Amish craftsman in Ohio.


How quickly is my order processed?
Immediately! We are 24-7 and your order will be processed the day it is received. We strive to get your furniture into our warehouse as quickly as possible with our tremendous distribution and trucking services. Upon receipt of your order you will receive an E-mail from us with an estimated shipping time. Remember this is an estimate and not a definite ship date. Much depends upon our suppliers availability which is predicated on their supply. At times they may have tremendous demand and they cannot keep up with their shipments. We will keep you posted on any delays if they are to happen. Our goal is to receive your furniture within 2 weeks of your payment of your total purchase. Your furniture must be paid in full by cash, check, credit or debit card. With 6-month financing your furniture will be shipped within 2 weeks from the date we have received your signed application and approval from our credit company.


What is your Privacy Policy?
You can find RauFurniture.com's Privacy Policy by clicking here.

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