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Raymond J. Rau, former owner of Oscar Rau's of Frankenmuth sold his downtown 35,000 sq. ft. building in 2011 and conducted the final sale by liquidating all assets and inventory of a 66-year old, very successful family business. Since then Ray Rau has built a thriving Management Company throughout the United States. Ray's specialty is helping furniture retailers in either getting into business, staying in business, or getting out of business by retirement, or GOING OUT OF BUSINESS LIQUIDATION SALES. Ray has relationships with hundreds of manufacturers in the furniture business to supply these stores in order to accomplish their goals. The Ray Rau management team is over 75 people strong, and his team conducts business with 8 to 10 stores on average at a time with 25 to 30 clients annually. His business is headquartered in a 600 sq. ft. office in Frankenmuth with virtually none of the overhead of a retail store.

Ray Rau then began to focus on another segment of his business... the Internet. Ray's vision: offer furniture at wholesale prices plus 20% in the Great Lakes Bay region of Michigan, as well as throughout the United States.

Raufurniture.com eliminates all the high cost of retail: Large showrooms, warehouses, million dollar inventory, costly advertising, heat, light, insurance, sales people, delivery teams, and all the expensive costs to conduct a normal retail furniture business. YOU ARE THE WINNER. YOU SAVE BIG MONEY.

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In May of 2014 our home was furnished. Our furniture shopping was rewarding and we are now enjoying it in comfort. Thank you to Ray and company for reaching out to us and making our life happier and brighter... Read More


Have worked with Ray Rau for over the past 30 years and he always ran one of the finest furniture businesses in the State of Michigan. He surely is to be congratulated on his new Internet Business that makes it possible in local markets. Furniture delivery has always been a problem for buying furniture on the Internet. Ray has solved the problem with local pick up & Delivery Means Huge Savings for customers on great furniture and mattresses.


We have purchased all our furniture from Rau's at wholesale costs as an employee at Oscar Rau's. It is now wonderful for Rau's to share this wholesale buying within the Frankenmuth community. It is a great concept and now makes buying furniture easy, with phenomenal Savings. Surely beats buying from a retail furniture store, and other Internet sales. Cannot beat the delivery to Frankenmuth.


Love being able to buy my furniture on line and especially from a reliable local source we know. Rau's have always been the best in trust.


We have purchased all of our furniture and bedding through Rau's at family and employee wholesale pricing. We have saved huge amounts of money... probably over $5,000 during the years. We have always received top quality furniture that makes our house a home.


I have thought about buying furniture from E-Bay, however I found that the costs were extremely high on shipping and then I also was so concerned what if it came in damaged. What a potential hassle! But with Rau's, I find it so easy since the furniture comes to their warehouse on furniture carriers and is very convenient to pick up.


Thanks Rau's for great service. We surely appreciate the beautiful furniture, and THANKS for all the money we saved. By buying through you, it was so easy picking up our furniture in Frankenmuth and again saving all the costs of delivery and freight.


We have been so fortunate to have been able to buy our furniture at wholesale prices through Rau's. With each order it always came in within the next week. We really enjoy our furniture and bedding purchased through you. It was so simple and easy. We also enjoyed the opportunity to pick it up in Frankenmuth. This was so convenient for us. THANKS AGAIN.


Thanks Ray for all the opportunity to buy furniture from you at your Wholesale prices. You have saved me so much money on this beautiful furniture. I appreciate your help so much.


We love all of the beautiful furniture we have purchased from you. We also want to say thanks for being able to purchase this at your factory costs. This has saved us thousands of dollars and allows us to afford such nice furniture. By the way we absolutely love the new Memory Foam mattress set. Thanks for your recommendation.


I was employed at Oscar Rau's for 8 years as Interior Designer and Store Manager. Ray's employee discount was fantastic where the employees could buy furniture at wholesale prices plus 20%. I understand that now Ray Rau is offering this same employee discount to the Frankenmuth community. What an opportunity!!! It makes so much sense as Ray does not have the huge overhead of buildings, million dollar inventory, heat and lights, advertising, etc. This overhead is big in order to conduct the furniture business, but not now by Ray’s new Internet business. This means huge savings for all the people that take advantage of this great opportunity.


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